Highlights from the September 25th Construction Progress Meeting

Here are the highlights from the September 25th construction progress meeting detailing contractor activities that are underway for the G. G. Brown addition project:

·  The west standing seam wall will be complete by September 27th.

·  Stone cladding of the west exterior wall will begin on September 30th and take about 2 weeks for completion.

·  Installation of the curtain wall and glass system is well underway (approximately 80%) and should be complete in about three weeks.

·  The first opening into GGB from the addition has been cut on the 1st level, east end.

·  The concrete topping for the galleria floor will be poured October 4th.

·  Mechanical, plumbing and electric work continues on all floors.

·  Spray foam insulation is continuing on all levels.

·  Work will begin soon on the canopy for the east entrance.

·  Site work will begin in approximately two weeks on the landscaping, concrete walks and paving of the parking area.


Make sure to check the CoE FMO web site for the live web cam as well as updated photos of the construction site.


  • John Keedy 
    Director of Facilities 
    College of Engineering 

  • Kim Fineis 
    Facilities Administrative Assistant 
    Michigan Engineering 
    (734) 647-7070