Highlights from the June 12th Construction Progress Meeting

Here are the highlights from the June 12th construction progress meeting (meeting number 50!) detailing contractor activities that are underway for the GGB addition project.

* The curtain wall systems are complete.
* Interior aluminum and glass is complete.
* The terrazzo flooring is complete.
* Carpet is being installed in the galleria and the ULV chambers.
* Exterior concrete is missing only a few sections and it will be complete by June 26th.
* The asphalt wearing course has been laid on the west side.  The east side will be done this week.
* Landscaping is underway.  A few trees and rose bushes have been planted.  The irrigation system is underway.
* The stainless steel bridge guardrail has been installed.
* Final inspection for the elevators is June 19th.
* All equipment in the building have gone through their start up and now are being functionally tested.
* Telephone and data wiring is ongoing.
* Acoustic fabric panels are being installed in the galleria.
* Room number signs will be installed during the weeks of June 16th and 23rd.
* Furniture will begin installation on June 16th.
* The fire alarm system is being tested.  The final acceptance test is June 23rd.
* The State Fire Marshal will conduct his final inspection on June 19th.
* Occupant move in is slated to begin on June 27th and will continue through August.

Make sure to check the CoE FMO web site at www.engin.umich.edu/facilities for updated photos of the construction.


  • John Keedy 
    Director of Facilities 
    College of Engineering 
  • Kim Fineis 
    Facilities Administrative Assistant 
    Michigan Engineering 
    (734) 647-7070