Highlights from the May 29th Construction Progress Meeting

Here are the highlights from the May 29th construction progress meeting (meeting number 50!) detailing contractor activities that are underway for the GGB addition project.

* The terrazzo flooring is nearing completion in all areas with some grinding, polishing and sealing still needed.
* The terrazzo treads for the main stair have been installed.
* The glass guardrail around the atrium, galleria and main stair is complete except for a few trim pieces.
* The ULV chambers are nearing completion.  The final electrical filters, cooling panels and ceiling will be installed by June 13.  Commissioning of the chambers will start on June 14.
* Testing and balancing of the air and water systems is underway.
* The service elevator will be inspected on June 5 and the passenger elevator will be inspected on June 12.
* The entrance bridge guardrails are being installed.
* All the concrete curbs and sidewalks have been poured.
* Preparation is underway for asphalt paving of the driveways.
* Landscaping has started with drainage gravel and topsoil.  Plantings should occur in the next two weeks.
* Fire alarm testing will be on June 12.
* Furniture will begin arriving after the first elevator is operational - June 5.
* The State Fire Marshal final inspection is being scheduled for the week of June 16.

The substantial completion date remains as June 26.  Move in of the occupants will begin after June 26 and will continue in July and August.

Make sure to check the CoE FMO web site at www.engin.umich.edu/facilities for updated photos of the construction.


  • John Keedy 
    Director of Facilities 
    College of Engineering 
  • Kim Fineis 
    Facilities Administrative Assistant 
    Michigan Engineering 
    (734) 647-7070