Highlights from the May 1st Construction Progress Meeting

Here are the highlights from the May 1st construction progress meeting detailing contractor activities that are underway for the GGB addition project.

1st floor

* terrazzo flooring installation is continuing
* installation of the terrazzo stairs and landings will begin
* rough electrical and compressed air piping for the smoke evacuation doors.  Installation of the doors
* window treatment (blinds) installation
* installation of the cooling panels, filters, controls, power and lighting for the ULV chambers
* finish painting and final cleaning of the offices

2nd floor

* overhead fire-rated coiling door at the Galleria reception area
* window treatment installation
* solid surface counter tops in the GSRA offices
* interior metal panel walls in the corridors and the Galleria
* grinding and polishing of the terrazzo flooring
* wood grille ceiling system
* finish painting and cleaning of the offices and labs

3rd floor

* polishing of the terrazzo flooring
* install gas cabinets
* lab casework
* gas detection and alarm system
* window treatment
* stretched wall fabric on the Galleria and atrium walls
* finish painting


* commissioning of mechanical equipment and systems
* painting
* traffic coating on the floor


* finish composite metal panels
* site demolition and grading for new pavement on the west side of the site
* complete the natural gas area-way.  Re-install the retaining wall and pour the concrete sidewalks.
* install the trellis at the burnished block wall

The current substantial completion date has been moved to June 26th.  Furniture will be installed during late May and early June.  Move in of the occupants will occur after June 26th and during July.

Make sure to check the CoE FMO web site at www.engin.umich.edu/facilities for updated photos of the construction.


  • John Keedy 
    Director of Facilities 
    College of Engineering 
  • Kim Fineis 
    Facilities Administrative Assistant 
    Michigan Engineering 
    (734) 647-7070