Highlights from the January 30th Construction Progress Meeting

Here are the highlights from the January 30th construction progress meeting detailing contractor activities that are underway for the GGB addition project.

·  Finish painting on all 3 floors is underway.

·  Door frames are being installed on all three floors and doors are being installed on the 1st level.

·  Ceramic tile wall and floors are being installed in the 1st level toilet rooms.  Prep work for the tile is underway in the 2nd level toilet rooms. 

·  Lab casework is continuing on the 1st and 2nd levels.

·  Light fixtures are being installed on all 3 levels.

·  Prep work is underway for 1st level carpet installation that will begin next week.

·  Check and start activities are underway for all equipment in the penthouse.

·  Lab casework counter tops have arrived and installation is underway.

·  Fume hoods and other contractor lab equipment are arriving and being installed.

·  Plaster work in the skylights has begun.

·  The first ULV chamber is set to arrive on February 10th.  The mock up chamber currently in Space Research is being disassembled and will be moved to the addition soon.

·  Interior glass panels are being installed on all floors.

Make sure to check the CoE FMO web site for the live web cam as well as updated photos of the construction site.


  • John Keedy 
    Director of Facilities 
    College of Engineering 
  • Kim Fineis 
    Facilities Administrative Assistant 
    Michigan Engineering 
    (734) 647-7070